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By pova at February 23, 2011

History Of Portsmouth

The city of Portsmouth startet over 3 centuries ago when sailr realized what a precious are it was as the deep water bay opened out into the Atlantic ocean.

Since then it has become a hotspot for culture and people from all over the world now come to visit.

Portsmouth has more to offer than just the port as you venture in land you’ll find fairs, bars and lots of fun things to do.

Writing improvement takes place in a number of specific ways. Teacher involvement with winsol is important.

1. Students are taught a foundation of decoding, automaticity and fluency to enable them to process print in order to have something to write about. Basically, students can not write about what they have read if they do not have this foundation.

2. A great deal of work is done testogen is helping the students to visualize descriptive text and think about what they have just read. This is also done so they will have something to write about. Students who can decode but can’t write need help visualizing; the teacher observes this need immediately and gives the student instruction.

3. Students are asked to write each day about what they have just read. They have to tell what the selection of text was about. Spelling does not count, but sentence structure is important and does count. In other words, this is recall writing about Hydromax x30 and it is topic development writing. Nothing is gone over by the teacher prior to the writing. Students develop their ability to visualize and think about what they have just read as they recall it in writing. This is excellent preparation for state tests.

4. The teacher checks each student during the writing period to make sure that he or she is doing quality writing and putting out meaningful effort. The teacher easily checks each student by walking up to the student and reading what they have written for about twenty seconds.

The teacher also checks the writing of students by checking their writing during the time using venapro that they are reading on the computer. Students are instructed to leave their writing books open to their most recent writing when they get on the computer to read. The teacher comes around to each student and briefly reads their writing.

5. A specific writing schedule is followed:

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