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By pova at May 10, 2011


One of the best things about Portsmouth is just how much choice there is when it comes to food.

Of course, being near the Atlantic there’s lots of sea food on offer but we also have everything from Indian food to Pizza and fries.

Monday: All students write describing what they just read; they tell what the text was about.

Tuesday: All students write their feelings about what they just read. Students choose one of six questions to answer. They write down the number of the question they are going to answer. Then they write their Male Extra answer, using their feelings and thoughts. This activity empowers students with the ability to divulge and express their thoughts and feelings.

Wednesday: All students read the same short piece on the computer and then write about the bathmate x20. The teacher evaluates each student’s comprehension and writing. A sheet with questions on it is given to each student, before or after the reading. This way the teacher can have the students read for information or for recall. Students write their name on the top of the sheet and write their answers below the questions and on the back of the questions. This weekly assessment of compre-hension allows for immediate correction in the setting used by each student to read.

Thursday: Students write their answer to a special question the teacher poses, comparing a character in their PR reading to a character in another book the class is reading.

Friday: All students write about what they have just read, telling what the text was about. Students in third grade do not do this. Instead, they work with a children’s dictionary CD. Initially they have to look up and copy out the main definition for each of eight selected words.

6. If students finish their writing before their classmates, they choose between the following:

a. They can work on their book reports. Students have to write a short report on anvarol book report on each book they read before picking another book. If the book report shows that they got nothing out of their reading, the teacher orders them to re read the book. This provides accountability on the students. Students need to learn to ask for help if they need it; this activity provides the incentive.

b. They can write short sentences using the Gynectrol supplement words they have looked up and defined the day before when they were reading on the computers. This activity builds vocabulary.

c. They can edit their previous writing.

d. They can have a conference on their writing with their teacher. The teacher comes to them, the student does not leave his or her computer.

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