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By pova at July 23, 2013

Arts and Culture

If you are a lover of art then why not comand visit one of our museums and art centers. The Chrysler museum of art will fascinate you with all the art they have on display!

Any student who has learned to overcome muscle movement and subvocalization with PR, will tell you that hearing an internal voice is much easier than forming the sounds of the words with your muscles. They will recommend the zcode system also tell you that making pictures of what you read becomes much easier. This is the promise of PR; once you get to F7, reading not only becomes much easier but it becomes a lot more fun and a lot more successful.
About half of all students get to F7 on their own. The remaining 50% need help from the teacher to see how to do this. The teacher plays a very important role at this point.

Specifically, about 50% of all students will make steady progress with Bathmate X30 up to the point of overcoming subvocalization and then hit a snag. At this point they will start to read one way with their eyes and another way with the muscles in their mouth, lips and throat. The two styles of reading will conflict with each other with the result that frustration and boredom occur. Teachers need help with the Instant Knockout to help these students over the hurdle of subvocal-ization. This can be done in about five minutes per student. However, if the teacher does not do this, the student can begin to falter.

Technically, many students can not go from the known to the unknown by incremental steps; they need to make a big jump. The teacher can quickly help these students do this with the PR program by jumping the speed two notches; usually from F5 to F7. Students can no longer continue to say the words with their lips or voice; they begin to hear an inner voice instead. Once students personally experience reading with the inner voice and that they can do it, they build on this foundation.

Teachers also help each student determine which type of pausing is best for that student to use the Hydromax X40 in silent reading, and whether or not sentences should be automatically repeated. Most students follow the same pattern of choice. At speed F4 and F5 most students want extra pause between sentences. At speed F6 most students want less pause (standard pause) between sentences. At speed F7 and F8 many students want and need to have the sentence repeated. At speed F9 and above students want manual pause between sentences. Students will change in their needs as they grow. Pausing and sentence repetition choices will often determine whether or not a student can comprehend.

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